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reViSiT 1.8 Pro (Windows/Mac)

Release Notes

reViSiT v1.8 is a major update, adding support for Apple OS X (Snow Leopard, 10.6 or higher), as well as SoundFont 2.4 (SF2) and SFZ instruments, while also extending the built-in synthesizer to support advanced sample features such as velocity-mapped and layered samples, and making numerous other improvements to the UI, and audio and sequencing engines.

Latest 1.8 beta versions include significant updates to the underlying code for both the audio engine and UI, designed to facilitate support for OS X and as part of the ongoing development of reViSiT v2.0. Additionally, numerous small changes have been made to improve performance, audio quality, robustness and maintainability. Due to the scale of the changes, not all are listed in the change log below.

These beta versions have comprehensive support for the SoundFont 2.4 format, translating sample maps, layers, envelopes, LFOs, and other settings to reViSiT's synthesizer architecture. While there are numerous differences between the architecture in reViSiT and other SoundFont players (e.g. SoundBlaster hardware, SFZ+), a number of workarounds are used to adapt the font and retain the feel of the original patch. At the same time, a limited number of complex patches (especially presets that map or layer several very different instruments across the keyboard) may not be reproduced correctly - though manually tinkering with the instrument and envelope settings may improve the sound. A number of high quality SoundFont collections are available for free online. Please report the results of your tests.

This version also includes basic support for SFZ instruments, including sample loading and pitch / velocity mapping, but currently lacking support additional settings such as envelopes, LFOs, etc., which will appear in subsequent beta versions.

To support the new sample mapping and layering features, v1.8 includes a new Keymap UI, situated in the General tab of the Instrument List (F4). It is displayed by clicking the volume triangle at the top of the keymap, or by hitting Return/Enter when in the instrument column of the keyamp itself. The 2D grid that appears shows the mapping of pitch (y) and velocity (x) to one or more samples. You can use the mouse or keyboard to draw regions. Drag the mouse to draw a rectangle, then use the mouse wheel to increment or decrement the sample assigned to the region. Alternatively, use Ctrl+Cursor Keys to draw the rectangle and type in the desired sample. The new synthesizer engine supports up to 255 samples, as well as layered samples, which can be combined in a single region by adding (+) them with the keyboard (e.g. "1+2"). You can hit Enter to select the region under the cursor, which will also be automatically selected if you start typing an edit or delete (Del) the assignment.

reViSiT v1.8 also features improved Sample and Instrument Libraries for browsing and loading files. In addition to browsing and auditioning patches from SF2 banks, a new search tool (Ctrl+F) helps you quickly find samples and instruments by name. As you enter the search text (e.g. "guitar"), all matches are highlighted, and you can step through the results with the Up/Down keys, before hitting Enter to load the file, or Escape to exit the search.

Numerous other improvements have also been made, following feedback from earlier versions of reViSiT:

See the changelog for full details of changes. Please send all feedback and bug reports to info [at]

Change Log

[ADD] Support for OS X (10.6 or higher).
[ADD] Support for Soundfont 2.4 (SF2) instruments.
[ADD] Support for velocity-mapping, with key-velocity
      matrix (Enter on Vol. column or button in KeyMap)

[ADD] Layered instruments, combining up to 4 samples.
[ADD] Initial support for SFZ instruments.

[ADD] Search tool in Sample/Instrument Library (Ctrl-F).
[ADD] Option to use ms instead of ticks in envelopes.
[ADD] Original sample pitch imported and displayed.
[ADD] Pitch map visual feedback mode in Info Page, F5.
[ADD] Double size graphics mode for users with high DPI.
[ADD] Insert/Delete Channel (right-click channel header).
[ADD] Optimise feature removes unused samples/instruments.
[ADD] Support for tick-based timing for controlling speed
      using Axx - see Timing Mode in Settings (F12).

[ADD] Default Tempo setting (in F12) in Standalone mode.
[ADD] Cut, Copy, Paste and Clear buttons in Sample List.
[ADD] Clipboard support in Channel Configuration (F11),
      insert/delete/copy channels and related song data.

[ADD] Assign instr. name/colour to channel (Alt-Shift-I).
[ADD] Crossfade Loops tool in Sample List, interpolates
      loop points to smooth sample loops (avoid clicks).
[ADD] Shift-Enter now loads sample without exiting library.
[MOD] Digits in number boxes now inc/dec'd using +/- keys.
[MOD] Number of samples increased to 255.

[MOD] Used samples listed in Instrument List.
[MOD] Envelope UI now zooms to fit upon load.
[MOD] Effect Command and Parameter Masks combined.
[MOD] Filter envelopes add/subtract, rather than scale.
[MOD] Sample Vibrato maximum depth increased to 255.
[FIX] * Row auditions now work for subrows.
[FIX] * Set block instrument for subrows disabled in 1.7.4.
[FIX] Note input auditions sometimes off'd before on'd.
[FIX] Loading non-reViSiT sample not resetting settings.
[FIX] IT sample vibrato type/rate not imported correctly.


reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta20 (Windows 64-bit) (13/07/18) (latest)
reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta20 (Windows 32-bit) (13/07/18) (latest)
reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta18 (Windows) (13/09/15)
reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta18 (OS X Universal Binary)

Apple Mac/OS X: To install the reViSiT plugin in OS X, extract the archive and copy the reViSiT.component file to your Components folder (~/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/). Start (or restart) your audio software and the plugin should be available as an AU Instrument (NASH > reViSiT). Tested with AU Lab and Logic Pro 9/X, in 32 and 64-bit.

reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta3 (15/04/13)

reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta2 (01/03/13)

reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta1 (25/02/13)

reViSiT 1.8 Pro Beta0 (24/02/13)

SoundFont and SFZ Samples and Instruments