VSTrack v0.85 Alpha released!
Posted 2004-08-27 10:47 PM (#13311)
Subject: VSTrack v0.85 Alpha released!


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Hello Everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to announce reViSiT v0.85 (formerly VSTrack). Along with the new - and somewhat groovier - name, v0.85 makes several substantial improvements on its predecessor (v0.84):

  • Performance reViSiT v0.85 clocks in at over 400% faster than VSTrack v0.84 - and with the lighter CPU load, almost everyone should be able to get the full 32-track polyphony (soon to be 64).
  • Host Support This new version has been tested on a variety of VST hosts, and has been adapted to work on Cubase SX, Logic 5, Cubase VST, Bidule and many others.
  • User Interface v0.85 boast a bigger, sleaker and more usable interface than its predecessor - users can now see 6 tracks at once, each with 48 rows (80% more than v0.84).
  • ZIP Archiving reViSiT now automatically zips the module and sample data into a single compressed, zip-compatible file (which can then be re-loaded directly into reViSiT). Users can easily open the sample files, which are WAVE-compatible, in any sound editor - or even edit the XML-compatible pattern data.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes Including the ability to mute and solo track during playback.
  • See the readme.txt for more details.

As always: if you download reViSiT, you are requested to provide feedback on your experiences using the online feedback form - http://www.nashnet.co.uk/english/vstrack/feedback.htm.

If you have already applied to the Alpha programme, you will have an email containing the details of the download. If you haven't applied, go to http://www.nashnet.co.uk/english/revisit/download.htm and sign up for the download.

Though reViSiT is already a fully-capable piece of music software, there are a number of features that remain to be implemented before v1.0. The following features are priorities in forthcoming Alpha releases:

  • Mouse Support Future Alpha versions of reViSiT will boast basic mouse support (e.g. slider manipulation, editor tabs). Beta versions will feature a more advanced mouse implementation (e.g. pattern selections / drag n drop manipulations).
  • MIDI IN / OUT reViSiT will eventually allow input via MIDI (from the host  for pattern recording and live playback), as well as MIDI output.
  • Surround Sound Support Tracking notation offers an ideal method of addressing surround sound spatialised sound, reViSiT will eventually feature detailed support for writing music in quadraphonic and 5.1 sound.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to pose them on the forum, or to me directly by email, via vstrack@nashnet.co.uk.


All the best,

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