Ableton Live
Posted 2007-05-01 1:00 PM (#13879)
Subject: Ableton Live

Hi, a starter manual (Dummy manual) for use in this software please
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Posted 2007-05-02 10:56 PM (#13880 - in reply to #13879)
Subject: RE: Ableton Live


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Hi Narkoplus,

I definitely plan to make a Getting Started / Dummy's Guide to reViSiT at some stage, but I'm currently spending most of the time I have spare on the reViSiT code itself. Here's the basic steps to creating a song that will sync with the host (e.g. Live):

1. Load reViSiT as a VSTi plug-in.
2. Load a sample in the Sample List (F3). Don't worry about instruments - for now, Instrument 1 will use Sample 1, and so on.
3. Enter some notes in a pattern, using the Pattern Editor (F2). There's quite extensive documentation in this section, so hit F1 if you get stuck. To move between patterns, use the + and - keys on the numeric pad.
4. Use the Order List (F11) to create a playback order of the patterns - this actually creates the song.
5. In the Pattern Editor (F2), You can listen to a single pattern by pressing F6, or the whole song by pressing F5. Once you've created the song, reViSiT will automatically play the appropriate part whenever you press Play in the host.

'Hope this helps. If you want to use other VSTi as instruments, it's a little more complicated and depends on the host you're using, but the key is the MIDI/Pitch tab in the Instrument List (F4) - enable the "Output" option for the desired instrument, and then work out some way of getting reViSiT's MIDI output to the VSTi's MIDI input.

Feel free to ask any questions if you need help.

All the best,
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