Loopping Patterns
Rob Willson
Posted 2007-06-26 5:00 PM (#13922)
Subject: Loopping Patterns

Following the Computer Music Article on Trackers I have been trying out Revisit, got instruments working over midi OK... But how do i route multiple midi channels within Tracktion 2. i.e Midi Channels 1-16 so that I can use RMIV?? (Maybe I am getting confused)

Secondly I can not work out how to loop bars or find a loop command within a track or pattern, Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Getting to grips with the coding commands, quite alot to remember, but quite intuative.

I did download the Beta version originally but it appeared not to be indentified within Tracktion and ended up in the ingonored dlll list. Is this normal??

I look forward to reciving your advice.
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Posted 2007-06-29 5:49 PM (#13926 - in reply to #13922)
Subject: RE: Loopping Patterns


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Hi Rob,

I'm not a Tracktion user myself, so perhaps someone else here can help you better than I can on the MIDI front. As far as reViSiT's concerned, you'll need to specify different MIDI channels for the different reViSiT instruments (Instrument List > MIDI/Pitch > MIDI Channel). What the host then does with the 16-channels it gets from reViSiT depends on the host. One good way of working with MIDI routing is to get energyXT, where you can visually route all the channels and do advanced filtering, etc. It works as a VSTi plug-in, so you'd just have to stick it after the reViSiT VSTi.

Sorry to hear of your problems with .2. I've heard this problem a couple of times now, with the newest release of reViSiT. However, I've not been able to reproduce the problem - I've tried Cubase SX3, Live 4,5,6 and Tracktion 2,3.

The only thing I can think of that would cause problems on your system and not mine is if a dependency was missing on your system. A dependency is a another file that a program relies (viz. depends!) on. Strange thing is, I've tried to get reViSiT running without needing any additional dependencies. Everything reViSiT needs comes with Windows XP.

I've uploaded a new build (no real changes), so go to the website, download .2 again and see if it works now. If not, can you let me know a bit more about your system? E.g. Tracktion version, OS, etc. Please also try the previous versions (.1, .0, etc.) to see if any of them work - I forget which version came with the CM mag...

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