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Posted 2007-08-26 5:28 PM (#14025)
Subject: forum structure


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I've the impression that ideas/suggestions/bugs are going to be all scattered around the place. How about bringing in some structure by c/p'ing individual suggestions into a special sticky suggestions thread, in which they are numbered/indexed, so that everyone can see what's been requested already. Additionally, you can add for each suggestion whether it's implemented, rejected or put away for later consideration.

So, it works like this:

Someone (e.g. me, fegi etc.) donates a suggestion in that thread, you as moderator c/p's that suggestion into the first post (which has all suggestions listed) and add comments (implemented, rejected, put away for later), and perhaps a brief comment. Then the original post by the poster is deleted and the whole procedure starts over again.

Another option would be to create a (members-only) Wiki somewhere where all suggestions would be listed in a Wiki'ish way, I could even manage that myself.

Same for bugs, concept screenshots, howto's, and other relevant stuff.

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Posted 2007-08-26 6:50 PM (#14026 - in reply to #14025)
Subject: RE: forum structure


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sounds like a very good idea...
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Posted 2007-08-29 10:49 AM (#14027 - in reply to #14026)
Subject: RE: forum structure


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Hi Guys,

Actually, I'd noticed similar problems a while ago and have begun working on a dedicated feature request/bug tracking mechanism to run alongside the forum (hence the forum's move to and the engine change). It's in the early (but promising) stages of development at the moment, so if you want to instigate some form of implicit feature/bug template in the meantime, to make it easier to search for them, then go right ahead!

All the best,
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