reViSiT v1.1 Pro now available!
Posted 2009-05-03 11:23 PM (#14673)
Subject: reViSiT v1.1 Pro now available!


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Hello everyone,

After many weeks of work, I'm delighted to be able to present you with reViSiT v1.1 Pro. Among several other changes, the core innovation in this release is the addition of user-configurable keyboard shortcuts, which can be configured in the Preferences (F12) screen, through a dedicated Key Shortcuts interface, which helps you view, add, edit and delete keys and easily diagnose and solve conflicts. This should allow you to tailor your user experience to your own needs - whether you simply want to change the clipboard keys to mirror Windows(tm) (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, etc.)... or reconfigure absolutely everything to mirror "some other tracker".

However, user input isn't the only thing to change in this release - screen output has also received some attention. A new reViSiT font will not only make things look a little less like DOS, but also better support scaling and different font sizes. The addition of a Pattern Font Width option should also help you make the most of your screen space, and perhaps make other system fonts more practical.

Naturally, there's a handful of other fixes, workflow improvements and minor changes thrown in for good measure - so check out the full update history!

Download reViSiT v1.1 Pro from
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