Website and Forum Improvements
Posted 2010-01-19 5:33 PM (#14996)
Subject: Website and Forum Improvements


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Hmm, not really sure which forum to drop this in, but I wanted to let everyone know of some improvements on the website and forums:

  • RSS Feeds  
    The forum now has a number of RSS feeds that you can use to keep up-to-date with the recent reViSiT happenings. There's one for each of the 5 forums, covering just that forum, and one for all forums, back on the main page. You can either click the RSS buttons on the appropriate pages, or use your browser to subscribe to the feeds - they should highlight automatically in IE 7/8 and Firefox.
  • AddThis bar (Digg, Facebook and other sharing links)  Bookmark and Share
    For the reViSiT and Experiment websites, I've added the handy AddThis bar, so that you can share reViSiT info and news with others more easily. It uses a popup with common sharing tasks on it, or can be clicked to show a small dialog box with dozens and dozens of other sites.
  • reViSiT Facebook page (
    For those wishing to show solidarity with the project, there's now a reViSiT page on Facebook, of which you can become a "fan". I'll try to keep it up-to-date with news of releases, etc., but this is mostly about spreading the word. If RATM can deseat X Factor, using Facebook, then perhaps reViSiT can steal Cubase's place, too. I can dream.
  • reViSiT website update (
    I've updated various pages on the site, including the front page (new description, pro feature list and screenshot), the pro features section (now includes subrow editing), the features comparison (again, added subrow editing) and FAQ (removed some obsolete questions).
  • New forum for User Songs & Videos (
    The former User Songs & Videos thread, containing CS_TBL's wonderful collection, now has it's own dedicated forum, to make it more prominent for posters and readers alike.

Thanks for everyone who provided suggestions! Now I can just sit back and wait for the pennies bytes to start rolling in...

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