Using reViSIT with Ableton Lite and LaunchPad Pro - Light Show
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Subject: Using reViSIT with Ableton Lite and LaunchPad Pro - Light Show

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About a year ago,
I picked up a Novation LaunchPad Pro.

Included with the bundle was a copy of Ableton Lite.
It's not bad for an intro DAW, even if I've been using FLSTUDIO for over 10 years now.

My LaunchPad Pro obviously has more features that work better with my copy of Ableton.
An Upgrade to Ableton Suite would cost me around $650, which I don't have atm.

USING reViSIT with Ableton

I'm starting to get into "LaunchPad covers" but have some issues I want to hash out.

I'm attempting my best to extend Ableton Lite as much as possible.

Most Light Shows fed back to the LaunchPad use some kind of MIDI Extension,
which is part of Max4Live which is only available with Ableton Suite.

I installed reViSIT 64bit and it works ok enough in Ableton Lite.

Below is a description of what I'm trying to do...


I'm trying to get MIDI data such as Note on, Velocity, Duration, etc. from tracks in reViSIT,
as MIDI Out to trigger note values and display as LED patterns on my LaunchPad

If I recall correctly, I've seen and read somewhere that reViSIT also allows
for individual Pattern trigger via a single keypress
or maybe even Pattern start triggered to a MIDI Note value
(like C1 or D2 or whatever midi key) to start a Pattern.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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