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new visitor, personal intro, hi to Chris, affirmation of what you're doing.
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Posted 2004-09-17 11:50 PM (#13157)
Subject: new visitor, personal intro, hi to Chris, affirmation of what you're doing.

I stumbled across this site while looking for something else, but was pleasantly surprised. I'm a longtime user of Impulse Tracker (am running a multiboot 98-XP setup at the moment so I can still use it - VDMSound doesn't work for me)
At some point over the weekend I'll have a go at using ReViSiT in Logic 5.5 (the other sequence that I use) and see what happens.
Something I've been fantasising about for years, is taking IT and rebuilding it from the ground up in C++ adding in all the features that it's missing out on (ASIO/DirectX/VST/VSTi support, a proper mixer to cope, envelopes assignable to whatever effects are available - though this would need some thought about differentiating between channels and instruments, and all that kind of thing).  My main stumbling block has always been time, and not knowing very much about C++, or multimedia programming.  As part of my job now I'll be moving more into development and I'll be in close contact with a few C++ heads, so I'm planning to decide on a project and start work on it in about a month.  Perhaps when I've completed something of my own and found my feet, I might be able to help out here...?  Anyway, what you've done is flipped the idea I had and put the tracker into a structure which already has all those things, which is more efficient but possibly limiting in other ways.  Possibility of doing a Native Instruments type thing and having a standalone option?
By the way, I went to York as well (from Sept 1999 - June 2002) but went the other way and did Electronics with Music Tech (didn't get the grades for Music Tech proper).  It sounds like I chose the wrong course!
From reading through the forum, a couple of things strike me as being particularly good ideas for future development.  Most of these you've already said you're working on, or have added to the list of things to look at, but I thought I'd voice my support anyway:
1) multiple outs - I only work in stereo so don't feel that 5.1 is important at all, but the buss system that you suggested sounds great.  If the sequencer that you're running ReViSiT in already supports 5.1 or any other type of surround, wouldn't you be able to use the buss system to get audio out into the host sequencer and pan it there?  I guess you wouldn't be able to sequence the panning as precisely...
2) MIDI routing to other VSTis
3) full IT2 support and everything that goes with it (multiple-length patterns etc)
5) and of course, instrument model (possibly with user-definable envelopes as described above?)
I've just about run out of things to say for now, but I'll post again soon with my thoughts once I've actually tried ReViSiT out.
PS - what are your thoughts on Sourceforge?  Are you planning to make this a commercial product eventually?

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Posted 2004-09-18 1:37 PM (#13158 - in reply to #13157)
Subject: new visitor, personal intro, hi to Chris, affirmation of what you're doing.


Posts: 746
Location: England

Hi Steve,

Always nice to meet a fellow Yorkie - I did drop into the MusTech dept on occasion (I thought, actually, that they didn't run the full Music Tech course in those years - only the Electronics with MusTech). You should be ok with Logic 5.5 - reViSiT's supported it since version v0.85. There is the possbility of a standalone option - it would simply require a dedicated host end of its own. Currently, there are already many dedicated VST hosts out there - so perhaps this is a moot point for development. However, it will all depend on the forthcoming improvements in host sync and pattern length to determine if these hosts are up to the task.

As you spotted, all the features you requested are on the TO DO list. I actually rate 5.1 support quite highly. It definitely has the potential to [r]eolutionise the music industry, and has been an important aspect of academic music for some time, but it hasn't caught on much in commercial circles. My contention is that this is because current music hardware and software interfaces are biased towards stereo production - their surround capabilities are minor extensions or adaptions. I think the tracker notation has the ability to provide a much more powerful interface to the surround sound field - and I have met a number of people who will agree. With advanced surround sound support, reViSiT will offer something that people can't get anywhere else. Even those trackers that support multiple outputs, don't support internal 5.1 mixing.

Good luck with your enigmatic "project" - whatever you decide it shall be. If you have any more idea's, feel free to post them in the Testing & Development forum. As for SourceForge, I will consider it when I hit v0.9 - but my mind thinks on methods of how to make [a little] money from reViSiT - just enough to fund it. I predict that voluntary donations would be a good idea only when further development is required - I suspect they were dry up once a stable version had been reached. Perhaps, I will release v1.0 in a LITE (free) and a PRO (cheap) version, but this means that the source has to be kept under wraps. However, I could still make it available on request to people who agree not to distribute it - those that just want to experiment / contribute. We'll see...

All the best,

PS: Congratulations on the engagement!

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