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SoundFont 2 (SF2) Instrument Collections

The following collections of instruments and samples have been sourced from around the Internet, and provide a large number of high-quality samples for use in your music. Most contain a full collection of General MIDI (GM) instruments (128 voices + drum kits), which can be loaded in reViSiT 1.8 or higher. These files are widely available on the net, and shared by their authors at no cost - and appear to be royalty-free, though the source of absolutely every sample cannot be confirmed. Please refer to the linked pages for further details.

SFZ Instrument Collections

SFZ was proposed as a replacement for SoundFonts and extends upon their capabilities. There are a number of additional sample and instrument collections available in SFZ format, including free orchestral and synthesizer samples. Unlike a single SoundFont's banks of presets, each SFZ file only describes one instrument and points to separate, external sample files (.wav/.ogg). The current beta version of reViSiT 1.8 has basic support for SFZ files, which will be extended in the run-up to release.

Free Samples

The following links are to pages listing sources of sample files and collections (e.g. wav, .ogg, etc.) of various instruments without a preset information (SoundFont or SFZ data). Where the license allows, you could create SF2, sfz, or reViSiT instruments for use in your own music - but may be also share them with others on the reViSiT forum?

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