reViSiT Beta Testing Area
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reViSiT 1.6 Pro

[ADD] * Pattern Layers (mixes up to 4 patterns).
[ADD] * Polyphonic MIDI-triggered patterns.
[ADD] Redesigned Order List with up to 4 entries.
[ADD] Pattern Browser (Escape from Pattern Editor).
[ADD] Pattern Re-order (Alt-R).
[ADD] Pattern Labels (in Pattern Options & Order List).
[ADD] Play Pattern / Song from Cursor in Order List.
[ADD] Support for 32-bit floating point WAV samples.
[MOD] * Piano graphic for pattern -> pitch map.
[MOD] * Set instrument macro now affects subrows.

[MOD] Minor aesthetic changes (notably Order List, F11).
[MOD] Song Variables moved to new Pattern Browser.
[MOD] Insert next (n) inserts 0 in empty order list.
[MOD] Instrument label in toolbar updates as edited.
[MOD] Go To Pattern (in Order List) now Ctrl-G.
[MOD] Insert Next Pattern (in Order List) now Alt-N.
[MOD] Improved auto-complete for instrument labels.

[FIX] * Note mask highlights not correct for pan/depth.
[FIX] * Subrows in newly extended pattern not accesible.
[FIX] Maximise issues on multiple monitors.
[FIX] Update icon out of position.
[FIX] Instrument names to long on MIDI import.
[FIX] Phase flipped in 32-bit int samples.
[FIX] 32-bit int samples louder than other bit depths.
[FIX] Edited instrument labels not updated in toolbar.
[FIX] Instrument list tails in Pattern Editor cut off.
[FIX] Column separators misaligned at bottom..

Release Notes

Aside from Pattern Layers and the Pattern Browser, one of the big behind-the-scenes changes is in the way memory is used (it only uses what it needs), so please do a lot of messing about with clipboard, deletions, moving patterns, etc. to see if everything is as it should be. If there is a problem, it might not present until saving/loading, so sprinkle your tests with some loading/reloading to check that nothing gets broken. So far, my tests seem OK, but I haven't used the program in anger.

Some quick tips / instructions:

Press Esc to get from the Pattern Editor to the new Pattern Browser.

Ctrl-Insert - insert a pattern.
Ctrl-Delete - delete a pattern.
Ctrl-Left - move pattern left.
Ctrl-Right - move pattern right.
Esc - return to previous pattern.
Enter / g - go to selected pattern.

Clipboard functions work as Pattern Editor, using a separate clipboard:

Alt-x - Cut pattern (NOTE: pattern is moved to clipboard, and can be re-pasted, but no undo exists, as the cut actually affects every subsequent pattern).
Alt-c - Copy pattern.
Alt-p - Paste (insert) pattern at cursor.
Alt-o - Overwrite pattern at cursor (this action can be undone from the Pattern Editor).

In the new Order List, you can now specify 4 patterns per entry, which are mixed together at playback. (This is the layer feature, which also works via MIDI triggering.) At playback, cells containing data in higher layers will override (mask) cells in lower layers. See here for a more detailed explanation.

In Pattern Options, you can now label patterns with three alphanumeric digits, instead of numbers, which can also be used in the Order List. Note: to accomodate this feature, the Go To Pattern (Ctrl-g, previously 'g') and Insert Next Pattern (Alt-n, previously 'n') shortcuts have been changed.


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