reViSiT v1.2.5 Pro update available
Posted 2009-11-30 4:14 PM (#14909)
Subject: reViSiT v1.2.5 Pro update available


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Hi everyone,

A small, but critical update this time 'round - reViSiT v1.2.5 Pro - subrow processing somehow got disabled in v1.2.4. Thanks to gewfz, for reporting back on that. It's back now, along with a couple of other minor changes. Notably, reViSiT now defaults to the Manual Keyboard Mode, since even Cubase has forgotten how to handle keyboard input properly, and - yes, Maarten - tab keys now work as before.

Download reViSiT v1.2.5 Pro from
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Posted 2009-12-01 11:03 AM (#14912 - in reply to #14909)
Subject: Re: reViSiT v1.2.5 Pro update available


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There's something odd with the Change Instrument keys ( shift , and shift . or < and >)

By default (upon install) they were assigned to < and > (as has always been), yet they didn't work like that. Then, when you assign shift , and shift . to those actions you see < and > symbols again and now the keys work.

Yet after saving preferences and a restart of reViSiT, these < > keys won't work anymore, they will when I reassign them tho.

+ would it be possible to support mousewheel in that key/event list in the keyboard config?

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